A:S:S - Mason suit for Genre - Androgynous

Unisex suit, includes jackets for people with or without boobs, and a skirt that fits all kinds of hips.

Suit comes in three colours and each one has a hud that allows for 10 different shirt colours and 10 different ties.



A:S:S for My Slink Obsession

Out for MSO October! 98L/per set


A:S:S - Eric denim jacket, with a special Lazy Sunday offer

New denim jacket with tank!
Jacket comes in 6 colours, each colour comes with a hud that includes 12 different tanktops, and 4 different stud metals (plus the option to turn those off)
Five mesh sizes, 205L.

AND! Since it's a Lazy Sunday week, the white version is up for just 75L until monday! Make sure you get the version by the landing point and not the full priced one in the store.